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Instructors at Gracie Barra Lake Elsinore

Hector Tapia, Professor

Black Belt

Professor Hector
Professor Hector Tapia began his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) career 10 years ago at Gracie Barra America, located in Lake Forest, CA. Introduced to the highest level of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training by Master Carlos Gracie Jr; Professor Hector trained at the very first Gracie Barra in the United States with his mentors including: Professor Marcio Feitosa, Professor Flávio Almeida, Professor Kayron Gracie, Professor Philipe Della Monica, and more.

After observing smaller men on UFC submit their much larger opponents, Profesor Hector seeked to learn the intricate details and effectiveness of BJJ. Professor Hector being a larger BJJ practitioner realized that he could not depend on his size nor strength but instead had to rely on technique and leverage. He then gained a vast amount of knowledge of the art of BJJ after years of training with some of the world’s greatest black belts. Five years into training Profesor Hector opened his own Gracie Barra studio in the city of Lake Elsinore. He has participated in six Gracie Barra Certification Programs and is set to teach children, men, and women of all ages about discipline, respect, self defense, as well as sharing the effectiveness of the art BJJ has to offer.  Professor Hector has recently began competing as a black belt and has placed in multiple competitions, winning gold in the San Diego and Long Beach open.

Currently, Professor Hector trains with multiple time champion, Professor Otavio Sousa from Gracie Barra, Huntington beach as well as strength and conditioning training with Coach Pj Nestler.

Hector has participated in the last 6 Gracie Barra Certification Programs.

“Think only about the best, work only for the best, and always expect the best.” – Grandmaster Carlos Gracie Sr. (1902-1994)

Lysset TapiaLysset Tapia, Coach

Blue Belt 3rd Degree

Coach Lysset was introduced to Gracie Barra through her brother, Instructor Hector Tapia, in August 2009. Lysset gained more than she had originally planned for. Over 2 years of training, Lysset has learned the value of BJJ, increased her physical fitness, and most importantly learned self-defense.

Lysset started competing as a white belt in the Gracie Barra and IBJJF tournaments. She is a college student who aspires be a successful competitor and attain a black belt under Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot

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